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    23 Mar 2005

    Loretta Swit shoe dangling MASH caps

    These caps are from TV's MASH season 2 episode "Mail Call." Air date: 2/23/74.

    Early on Radar and Henry Blake share some foot-filled dialogue:

    Henry gets a postcard and whistles:

    Henry: On your next leave in Tokyo remember Madame Wank's Massage. Special prices on back-walking this month.

    Radar: Back-walking sir?

    Henry: Yeah, this girl takes her sandals off and walks on your bare back!

    Radar chokes out: Oh!

    Henry changes the subject, something about cake...

    Radar chimes in: With their bare feet?

    Now for the caps and dialogue therein:

    Margaret: I got something in mail call today too!

    Frank: Oh Margaret, your toe-straighteners came!

    Margaret: I sent away for these sheer hose and these spike heels just to make myself more attracttive to you!

    Frank: You didn't have to do that. I'd find you attractive if you were naked!

    Margaret: That's a pity Frank. You see these shoes also come in clear plastic and you can see what each little toe is up to.

    Frank: Really Margaret?

    Margaret: Really! Just think Frank, when the war is over you can go back to your wife and her sensible shoes. the OR:

    Frank: Margaret, I'll do anything! I'll get down on my knees! I'll kiss your feet!

    A slight pause...

    Margaret: My tent! 8 o'clock!


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