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Thread: Mel Summers End (Album 1999470) 2015-03-29 - 51 photos - 3203x4800 Download Images 

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    6 Mar 2014
    133,603 Mel Summers End (Album 1999470) 2015-03-29 - 51 photos - 3203x4800

    Mel Summers End (Album 1999470) 2015-03-29

    Resolution: 3203x4800
    Photos: 51

    Mel Summers End (Album 1999470)

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    11,606 Re: Mel Summers End (Album 1999470) 2015-03-29 - 51 photos - 3203x4800

    Why pad the file with a 50mb TXT file? Pretty lame tactic there, if I can be perfectly honest. Not exactly a couth thing to do. Thanks anyway I guess, for misleading downloaders into grabbing unnecessarily padded/enlarged files. I guess it is all about making that $$$ @ with enlarged file sizes, whilst simultaneously misleading downloaders into grabbing extra-large files jammed with 50MB txt files.

    WARNING to other people: This link is just an overly padded RAR with a useless 50MB txt file inside + the 50mb of pics. Just grab the full set from this post instead:
    At least ViperGirls uploader shared a RAR file of legitimate size ^

    I thought something was fishy when the other post had the same # of pictures @ the same resolution, yet their archive was the size. It's because this guy jammed a 50MB txt file into his archive, so he can get more traffic or something related to boosting download quantities and thus make more $$$ for himself, at the expense of other people's trust and time.

    Sharing smut is cool. I've been on the net for 15 years giving and taking. I've never once seen anything as shady and uncouth as this, though; not once in 15 years of visiting scores of forums.

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