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    212,250 2015-02-05 - Kayla Green - 52809 - 95 pix - 2000 px

    Her Soles Rule Our Souls
    Sultry and commanding Kayla Green from Hungary is here to dominate our foot-craving SOULS with her alluring wrinkled SOLES!! She takes over ownership of our sacs not just with her incredible size 9.5 feet, flexing her long toes as they get drenched in her bath, but also with the striking sight of her full back tattoo of a geisha scene, an image like something out of a Japanese yakuza gangster movie! She begins her Full HD leg and foot fetish scene wearing a little black dress and strappy high heels, but quickly disrobes to show us everything from her shaved pussy to the snug asshole between her outstanding cheeks, and the scarlet vibrancy of her red-polished toenails. Once she’s bare for her bath, she gives us a long-legged tease show starting with her toes and going up her thighs that makes us ready to suck and lick her peds, and maybe even drink her bathwater if she so orders! She shows us how she likes her big toes sucked by doing it herself, and then she presents them in super closeups for our imagination to do the rest as we study and worship her fetish XXX video!

    HLF - 2015-02-05 - Kayla Green - 52809 - 95 pix - 2000 px - 16.6 Mb
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