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    13 Sep 2012
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    733,797 Denise Derringer - FUNBAG FUCKERS 02.04.15 x42 3000px

    Funbag Fuckers
    Featuring: Denise Derringer
    They tell girls in home economics class that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This is why Denise Derringer is good with that whipped cream can. Denise doesn't look like Suzy Homemaker but she could make any tit-man's home his castle. A messy castle, but a castle. Denise prepares the kitchen table for fucking.

    Denise drops her top, whipped creams her big, pierced tits and makes a mess. Red creams Denise's pussy and eats her out. Now it's Denise's turn to put a cream-coated cock in her mouth and slurp it down. The cream is also a good lube for tit-fucking. Denise gobs on her boobs to make her twins even more fuckable. Since sucking on a cream-covered dick is a caloric disaster, she'll need to burn off those calories with a good pounding on the table after they rinse off with a pitcher of water. Denise's scene is the messiest canoodling in 5C0RE history.

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