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    716,646 Claudia KeAloha - HAWAII SEX-O 01.23.15 x55 3000px

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    1,314,856 Scoreland - Claudia KeAloha - Hawaii Sex-O - 3000px - 55X (23-01-2015)

    Scoreland - Claudia KeAloha - Hawaii Sex-O - 3000px - 55X

    Model: Claudia KeAloha
    Set: Hawaii Sex-O
    Pictures: 55 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 24 pics 2002x3000 & 31 pics 3000x2002
    Release Date: Friday January 23, 2015

    Exotic dancer Claudia KeAloha keeps trim and fit through hard work at the gym and by stripping around the USA, sticking her big tits and shapely ass into the faces of innocent men. (Check out Claudia's bikini video that she shot with editor Dave in the model's dressing room. She attracts big attention at the beach and at pools.) That helps to give Claudia tremendous sex stamina in bed. SCORE talked to Claudia about doing the dirty dance with stud Tony DeSergio in this scene. SCORE: What was your favorite part of this scene with Tony? Claudia: I thought Tony and I looked good together. Like we would actually be a couple in real life. I'll be honest, Tony is quite "big" and I am quite tight. At first it was hard, no pun intended. But Tony was a real gentleman, his reaction to the fact that I was having a bit of a problem taking him in was a real turn-on. With his gentle manners, all of a sudden my pussy got wetter and gave in and allowed him to enter. As you see in the vid, after a while I was jumping on it. SCORE: Do you like making pure sex scenes or ones with a "story?" Claudia: Both. I can do both. And I like doing both. SCORE: We enjoyed listening to you. Have you always been this vocal in bed? Claudia: Not in my private life because I am shy. But now that I know men like it, yes, I like being vocal sometimes and quiet sometimes. SCORE: What are your favorite sexual positions? Claudia: Missionary, because I love to have my tits sucked while I have sex and also to be kissed. I like to see the guy's face and have eye contact with him too. SCORE: What's the most unusual position you've ever tried? Claudia: Maybe back in 2005 when I first shot for SCORE we did try some unusual upside down positions for the Tarzan video [SCORE Xtra 12 on DVD]. SCORE: What's your least favorite position? Claudia: Doggie style..I can't see anything. [Laughs]

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