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    22 Aug 2010
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    223,005 2013-05-04 - Madlin & Kid Man - 8395 - 100 pix - 2000 px

    Watch Every Plunge!
    Madlin is feeling very sensual today as she lays in her bed, clad in her elegant bustier, matching thong, lacy thighs and shoes. This wild girl is definitely ready for a good butt reaming and Ricky Stone is the man to deliver it, fingering her pussy but quickly shifting to her rosebud with his probing digits. He prepares her anus with his tongue, she works up his tool with her mouth, and then soon he crams her heinie spoon-style on the bed. Our DDF cameraman goes in tight so you see every plunge of Rickyís prick whether into Madlinís butt or her face, and whether she rides his cock with her asshole cowgirl style or on her back. See how eagerly Madlin takes the big load which he splashes on her sphincter when she finally kneels before him in doggie style in this hardcore XXX video!


    HOH - 2013-05-04 - Madlin & Kid Man - 8395 - 100 pix - 2000 px - 25.46 MB

    the next set of Madlin on HOH coming soon...

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