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    215,187 2015-01-08 - Mea Melone - 52783 - 80 pix - 4000 px

    Born For Porn
    Mea Melone is a limber young lady with some serious ballet skills, which she demonstrates in our DDF studio by practicing her moves on the barre while clad in her skimpy pink frock and ballet slippers. You’ll marvel at how she can stretch her strong stems and splay her feet apart in her new Full HD foot and leg fetish video. And also, you’ll be impressed by how she can bring her slippered foot right up to her mouth! Maybe she’s “born for porn,” as the saying goes, rather than for ballet?? Mea gives us further evidence of her sinematic destiny as she stretches her thighs wide, kisses her own knees, and then shows off the pink crotch of her panties as she rests her foot high up on the wall a lonnnnng way above her head. When she takes off her slippers, she then tantalizes us with her soft wrinkled size 7.5 soles, red-polished toes, and then lets us see how she can put all five toes of her left foot in her mouth!! Holy shit!! Yep, this Czech stunner with the flexible gams can do foot worship to HERSELF, until the right slave comes along to take care of her feet! When she finally gives us peeks at her pink pussy, you’ll really start drooling to serve this prima ballerina and prime footy pornstar. And when she shows off her curvy ass in the studio mirror, you’ll be aching to crawl across the floor to kiss those feet and squirt your load in awed tribute to her beauty. We’d say Mea would be a boon to ANY company--porn OR ballet!!

    HLF - 2015-01-08 - Mea Melone - 52783 - 80 pix - 4000 px - 49.37 Mb
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