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    216,485 2015-01-06 - Sienna Day & Mr Clark - 779bj - 85 pix - 2000 px

    Go For The Goo
    We’ve heard of companies demanding drug testing of its employees, but here is a whole new wrinkle as you’ll see in this Full HD oral sex video! Sienna Day is a little wobbly as she comes into the office of her boss, Mr Clark, and he requests that she take a breathalyzer test. Funny how it’s located underneath his belt buckle, though... Yes, this breathalyzer test is a little different from the usual, as it requires the insertion of his big dick into her pretty blonde blue-eyed British face for some extensive cock sucking to determine if, in her delivery of deepthroat and balls licking, that Sienna is in full possession of her faculties--which would mean she’s legally sober; or a little over the line into intoxication, indicating she’s wild and hungry for dick and is ready to go for the goo, as you’ll see in these sexy blowjob pics! The test requires Sienna to show her boss how carefully and lovingly she will hold his nut sac, how deeply she can press his prick tip against her inner cheek, as well as how gracefully she can get stripped down to her panties and lay across the desk before she ultimately brings his huge meaty shaft to a creamy release all over her wagging tongue!!

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