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    213,842 2014-12-31 - Kiara Lord - 52787 - 80 pix - 4000 px

    Kiara's Champagne Soles
    Spend part of your New Year’s Eve with that blue-eyed Hungarian cutie pie Kiara Lord as she pampers her peds Today making her feet look perfect, doing her makeup, and putting on her lingerie and dress and strappy high heels in front of you. Oh, and she also slides lacy beige thigh-high stockings over those size 6.5 feet in this new exclusive fetish XXX video. Kiara is going to a party later, but she wants to enjoy some bubbly with you first. Sitting in the hotel corridor, she pours champagne in a flute and then rubs the neck of the glass against her bare shaved pussy. Time to lower these pesky panties...! Now, she thinks, let’s pour some more bubbly into the glass and tip my nylon-covered toes in it so that all my fans can move their faces right up to their computer or phone screens and give me some nice New Year’s Eve licks ALL OVER my soles and toesies! Get to it, footy boys! But Kiara wants to go further, pouring champagne all over, drenching the stocking and her left foot, and then showing you exactly how she’d like you to lick and suck her toes to usher in the New Year...and then to watch her hold a noisemaker between her toes and blow on it. Yes, here’s to a great 2015 and lotsa fun with Kiara’s feet at your favorite fetish site!

    HLF - 2014-12-31 - Kiara Lord - 52787 - 80 pix - 4000 px - 58.1 Mb
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