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    216,666 2014-12-25 - Blanche & Choky Ice - 578bj - 100 pix - 2000 px

    The Holiday Sucking
    Choky Ice gives his boss Blanche a holiday present to show his appreciation of their fine working relationship, but once she has him trying to put an ornament on the top of the office Christmas tree, it becomes obvious she wants another type of relationship as well! See what we mean as this Romanian blondie moves from her computer to cock sucking as she takes out Choky’s big dick and VERY impressively fills her face with her deepthroat skills in these sexy blowjob pics and erotic video. Blanche slurps and licks his thick meat and lifts up her businesswoman’s skirt to play with her pink shaved pussy, right there in front of the tree. She keeps moving around on her chair as she does her highly talented thing on his sausage, grasping it with her prettily-polished fingers until finally she pulls out his big load all over her tongue and down her chin for facial cumshot action. Once she can break away from the long curving string of sperm that connects her lips to the tip of his tool, she gets back into the “boss” mode and tells him to finish putting that ornament up on the top of the tree already while she sits down to open up his present!

    OBJ - 2014-12-25 - Blanche & Choky Ice - 578bj - 100 pix - 2000 px - 64.5 Mb

    *- including original version of this set for 2010-12-25
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