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    530,957 Andrea Francis-Oral Home Improvement!-Dec 9,2014(x100)

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    The Cock Watcher
    Do you dig female construction workers? Then check out blowjob blonde hot babe Andrea Francis from the Russian Federation as she does some renovation on an apartment. She’s dressed for work and super-hot in her teeny shorts, tool belt, plaid halter, and workboots. She’s about to finish for the day when she discovers a strange hole in one of the boxes of materials she hasn’t paid much attention to before. Out pops a big dick, and Andrea kneels on those long tan legs so she can take that huge shaft deep into her mouth and give it some lovely cock sucking. Hmm, she thinks, will this qualify for overtime pay? Hell, she doesn't care. She's not a clockwatcher--she's a COCKWATCHER! Licking the veiny thickness, she gets down to only her belt and boots so she can play with her shaved pussy as she strokes the dick and gives it deepthroat until it squirts cream all over her tongue and chin for a facial cumshot finish in these sexy blowjob pics and XXX video!

    Oral Home Improvement!
    Have you ever wondered why so many women have gotten interested in formerly male pursuits like home construction and do-it-yourself projects? Could it only be they are taking advantage of their new freedoms to do whatever men do, or are they also indulging their horny desires at the same time? Case in point, blonde beauty Andrea Francis whom we find putting the final touches on some sort of wooden cabinet, even as she looks so fetching in her denim shorts, tool belt, workboots, and gingham halter top. But was this little idea in the original plans--a circular opening which is known as a glory hole, through which a cock can protrude for easy and anonymous fellatio? No, it wasn’t in the plans Andrea bought from the home improvment store, but rather a variation that sprang from her dirty mind! You see, she’s built this cabinet for of her 24/7 on-call penis, which belongs to a pal named Pete Longhorn! She plans on keeping Pete in the cabinet 24/7, giving him food and drink and letting him have access to his iPhone so he doesn’t lose contact with the outside world...and the trade-off for this easy livin' is that his dick will always at the ready when she needs the soothing heat of tubesteak sliding through her lips and over her tongue into her naughty throat, which she demonstrates here with her sucking, stroking, and licking of the appendage presented for her pleasure! Andrea plays with her pussy and leans over her bench to get that cock into her mouth from various angles, and she judges her glory hole to be a success as the load blasts out of the cocktip and litters her pretty chin with its abundant goo!

    OBJ - 2014-12-09 - Andrea Francis & Pete Longhorn - 661bj - 100 pix - 2000 px - 62.87 MB

    * including original version of this set for 2012-10-12 also

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