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    1,433,371 Maserati - Cummin' Round Her Mountains - 1600px - 82X (05-12-2014)

    Scoreland - Maserati - Cummin' Round Her Mountains - 1600px - 82X

    Model: Maserati
    Set: Cummin' Round Her Mountains
    Pictures: 82 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 33 pics 801x1200 & 49 pics 1600x1068
    Release Date: Friday December 5, 2014

    Maserati and JMac first did the deed in one of her earliest SCORELAND scenes in 2011, when she was just starting out ("Maserati Goes For A Juggy Joy Ride"). Now they're hooking-up again for a new power-point display of high-performance fucking. Maserati's sex engine is running hot, and they've got some lost time to make up FOR. The sheer size and weight of Maserati's big boobs never fails to astound. She said she thought her left breast was 10 pounds and her right eight pounds, and that was two years ago. "The only way to measure a bra is to stick your tits in it," Maserati said. "I was wearing a double-H, but then after a while, it didn't fit and I was having back pain. So I said, 'Maybe I should try an I-cup,' but that didn't fit, either. So now I'm wearing a J-cup. The measuring tape might say I'm an N-cup, but my breasts swim in a double-J, so I'm very happy with what I'm wearing." Born in Kingston, Jamaica and living in Connecticut, Maserati made her American dreams come true and in doing so, made breast-men's dreams come true, too. The SCORE staff took Maserati out for a spin in Miami when she was here, treating her to lunch Miami style and talking to her about how things are going for her. The video "Stacked Dish" turned out to be a very revealing and personal talk about relationships. She is a very rare girl, indeed. There was even a message to SCORE and V-men in it at the eight minute mark.

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    - 32,9 MB

    Password is

    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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