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    216,638 2014-11-29 - Denise & Thomas Stone - 784bj - 70 pix - 4000 px

    Glory Hole Girl
    Savor the balls licking cock sucking action in this new scene of sexy blowjob pics as playful blue-eyed brunette babe Denise checks into a hotel and discovers a glory hole conveniently ready for her fellatio fun! She opens the door to her room, ready to relax after her long day of travel, but instead this wild Hungarian doll sees a dark hole out of which a cock quickly protrudes! Oh well, maybe it’s the wrong room, but what the hell! She was feeling the need for cock and here it is! Kneeling, Denise touches it curiously, then licks the shaft, bending over in her micro-minidress that shows off her curvy college girl shape so well. Pulling down the front of her dress, she gets more comfy with her size 40A tits hanging free, and she grasps the gristle and sucks it hard, pushing it against the inside of her cheek in a very horny looking way. She really licks and nuzzles the balls for awhile in her Full HD blowjob video, kissing them too, until finally while grasping the sac she aims the tip into her mouth and onto her cheek for a big facial cumshot! And oh yeah, she just naturally has to lower her panties to play with her fully stimulated shaved pussy at the same time!!

    OBJ - 2014-11-29 - Denise & Thomas Stone - 784bj - 70 pix - 4000 px - 49.28 Mb

    the next set on OBJ coming soon ... on 12-01

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