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    222,899 2014-09-25 - Lauren - 51389 - 80 pix - 2000 px

    Ink Of A Goddess
    Posing poolside for us we see that newcomer to our site Lauren is a goddess of many colors--meaning, her lithe British body is decorated with an incredible assortment of eye-catching tattoos. When we look at her photos and video, we are clearly not just in the presence of a gorgeous girl perched on high heels, but also we are flooded with images of her personal mythology, etched indelibly across her flesh. But getting beyond the dazzlement of her ink, we realize that she is also someone who can dominate our daydreams (not to mention our tongues) with her splendid size 7.5 feet! Moving around on her red velvet high heel throne, she readily commands our worship with her pinup-style moves, before getting out a long ribbed glass toy to tantalize us with her self-stimulation. All the while, she knows that we want to see those feet in action as they dangle her heels from her toes and arches, until she finally presents her bare tootsies to us both for the expression of our foot loving, as well as the admiration of the tattoos which extent even onto her very insteps. So experience the amazing Lauren in her Full HD video today!

    HLF - 2014-09-25 - Lauren - 51389 - 80 pix - 2000 px - 84.87 Mb
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