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    Guidelines & Rules: Alternative Photo Sets (Archive)

    Guidelines & Rules for the Alternative Photo Sets (Archive) section

    In addition to the global rules, the following section specific rules apply here.

    What to post?
    Sets of models who do not conform to mainstream ideals of beauty. Think of sets with models who have tattoo's, piercings but also hippies, goths, emos and punks. Sets from sites such as SuicideGirls, GodsGirls are good examples of what is expected here. Hardcore and lesbian sets with alternative models are allowed to be posted here as well.

    - Add the name of the website, the model(s) and set in the thread title.
    - Do not use brackets and do not abbreviate or obfuscate the thread title.
    - Pick the correct prefix from the drop-down list. If it's not present, request it here.

    - Add all images as clickable thumbnails.
    - Thumbnails must appear in sequential order.
    - Full-sized images must be at least 1500 px in either dimension, if available.
    - All images must be posted on the same image-host. A cover photo may still be posted on another image-host.
    - Thumbnails must link to images in the highest available resolution. If not, you must write "medium resolution" in your post.

    - You must start a new thread for every set.
    - You can start a maximum of 15 threads every 6 hours.

    - You must re-upload your repost meaning the image links must be fresh.
    - You may not repost a set until the same date one three months later. You may start a new topic after that time has passed.
    - You may ignore the previous rule provided the following:
    • The set was not posted using maximum available resolution.
    • If a download link to a maximum resolution set was provided you may repost only if the download link is dead.
    • Some or all of the images are missing (taken down).
    • You must repost your set using maximum available resolution.
    • You may include a download link but you still must post in maximum available resolution.
    • You must repost your set in the original topic.
    • You must repost your set using a different image host.
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