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    222,881 2014-09-20 - Kiki Minaj & Antonio - 8622 - 80 pix - 2000 px

    One Fist Beyond
    It’s one thing to sing in a mega-bucks video about how you got a big fat booty for some dude’s anaconda-sized schlong, but it’s another thing to put your money where your asshole is and actually demonstrate that your buns can take massive girth. But hey, that’s the difference between mainstream fantasy and pornographic reality, right? Case in point, our new face Kiki Minaj, whose marvelous butt can match in allure that of the cheeky competition, but who demonstrates in her hardcore XXX video with Antonio Ross that not only can she actually take a large trouser serpent into her cheeks (as well as into her mouth and snatch) but she can also cram her entire HAND into her derriere! Yessir, our Kiki looks pretty damn good naked as she rides Antonio’s thick shaft both cowgirl and doggie style, but she’s especially memorable kneeling on the floor with the Ross rod pushing against the inside of her face while she stuffs her whole fist, almost up to the wrist, into her out-of-this-world ass!! You’ve heard of the classic tv show “One Step Beyond”? You might say Kiki Minaj goes “One Fist Beyond” her competition

    HOH - 2014-09-20 - Kiki Minaj & Antonio - 8622 - 80 pix - 2000 px - 64.69 Mb

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