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    222,898 2014-09-12 - Suzy Fox & Mugur - 772bj - 70 pix - 2000 px

    Let's Get Acquainted
    Suzy Fox waits to meet her new boss on her new job. But he’s a bit eccentric, and will only meet her a few inches at a time--meaning, he will stick his cock through a glory hole and his new secretary will suck it in a kind of “let’s get acquainted” way! Some guys are really characters, Suzy thinks. The beautiful bright-eyed babe bends her shapely stems as she squats before her supervisor’s tool, and lovingly cradles his big dick in her red-manicured fingers and gives it the cock sucking she agreed to deliver when she took this position. Yes, it was in the job description!! Gradually getting more comfortable, opening up her clothes, Suzy goes for the glory in these sexy blowjob pics as she brings her boss to a creamy spurt and a facial cum shot. Sure beats hours of typing up the latest sales figures, which is her next duty after she gets cleaned up!

    OBJ - 2014-09-12 - Suzy Fox & Mugur - 772bj - 70 pix - 2000 px - 45.37 Mb
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