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    8 Apr 2012

    movie update 3

    Petra Morze & Susanne Wuest "ANTARES"

    Great sex scenes
    Petra is not the most attractive woman in the world. But the sex scenes are beautifully filmed and look realistic.

    Scene 1 - Petra and the guy strip each other till both ate completely naked. His flaccid cock is visible. He then tries to kiss her and touches her boob. You can see onset of erection in his cock. She then makes him lie down on the bed and kisses his cock. Then she gives him a blow job but it is not shown clearly. She then forces him on the floor and impliedly looks for his cock and puts it in her pussy. He then lifts her and puts her on the bed and fucks her with hard strokes while pressing her boobs.

    Scene 2 - He blindfolds her and makes her naked. Then he mounts her and bangs her hard with both of them panting heavily.

    Scene 3 - She in in shower with the guy and a waiter enters the room without the guy noticing. She asks the guy to lick her pussy and opens the bath cover to allow the waiter to see her standing naked with the guy licking her pussy.

    Scene 4 - The guy puts his finger in her mouth and make her suck it. Later she rides him naked and makes him climax. She then tells him "I have never fucked like this before. Do whatever you want with me. " He asks her to spread her legs and takes pictures of her pussy though nothing is shown on the screen. He then asks her to finger her pussy to which she refuses. He takes her hand and puts it over her pussy. Then she starts to finger herself and he again takes her pictures. Throughout the scene, her pussy is not shown. Later she strokes his flaccid cock and takes its pictures.

    Scene 5 - Petra is naked and blindfolded and the guy is fucking her doggy style. A waitress enters the room without her knowledge. He then takes off her blindfold and she realizes the presence of waitress. He continues to fuck her and she starts at the waitress who is watching the live sex show... (Kimiwebber)

    Scene 6 - Susanne Wuest on a bed with her legs sticking straight in the air giving us a good look at her ass and then putting her legs down and sitting up giving us a look at her breasts as she talks with a guy. then lying fully nude on her back with a guy resting his head against her stomach as the camera pans up and down her body while they talk.


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    Behind the Scenes

    if you love this Explicit Movie "Antares" Here's the back stage footage!


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