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    223,046 2014-06-24 - Gina & Mugur - 8599 - 105 pix - 2000 px

    Tool of the Tutor
    Gina needs help with her French homework, and has gotten Mugur as her tutor. But he doesn’t seem to focused on the work, because once he discovers the vibrator Gina has hidden in the couch cushions, he shifts the lesson plan from French as in “language” to French as in “oral sex.” Soon enough he’s licking her pussy while she sucks on her toy, preparing herself for the balls licking and cock sucking she’s going to give him. Verb conjugations are forgotten as Gina takes Mugur’s tool in her mouth repeatedly, and then in her tight Russian snatch and snug ass. She keeps sucking her vibe, though, and uses it on her clit as her tutor pounds her posterior. To show how dedicated a student she is, after he squirts on her asshole, the wild girl sticks the vibe in there through the sperm puddle, and then licks it clean afterward at the conclusion of this hardcore XXX video!

    HOH - 2014-06-24 - Gina & Mugur - 8599 - 105 pix - 2000 px - 25.8 MB

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