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    222,881 2014-06-07 - Tina Hot & Brandy Smile - 639hot - 135 pix - 2000 px

    Her Disciplinary Experience
    Secretary Tina Hot is held responsible for the Monday morning chaos in the office by her supervisor, Brandy Smile. Ms. Smile will not tolerate a messy work environment as a result of after-hours partying on Friday. She will punish such bad behavior! So Tina finds herself overpowered by Brandy, bent over the desk, and receives a spanking both over her tight skirt and then on her bare bottom. And what a spankable bottom it is...
    Ms. Smile binds Tina’s wrists with strong tape so that the girl will not try to squirm out of her disciplinary experience. Then Brandy proceeds with more spanking, warming that bottom once she’s gotten most of Tina’s clothes off.
    Looking awesome in her nylon stockings and black heels, Brandy further asserts her dominance by getting Tina to lick her pussy too, and then she explores Tina’s snatch and bunghole with her fingers.
    But that’s not enough for the stern Ms. Smile, who stuffs a black dildo in Tina’s tush and then has the girl lap her snatch some more in this fetish XXX video!

    HOT - 2014-06-07 - Tina Hot & Brandy Smile - 639hot - 135 pix - 2000 px - 33.21 MB

    the next set on HOT coming soon... on 06-10

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