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    26 Jul 2004
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    323,490 - Liona Levi - Directing his Spurt - 2000

    DDF - Liona Levi - Directing his Spurt - 2000

    Liona wants us to watch while she fucks Nikolas. What a wild girl, uninhibited, exhibitionistic!
    She gets Nikolas eating that snatch fast, opening her lips so he can lap at the pink. Then she takes his big root out of his jeans and guides it into her clam. She doesn’t want us to even blink as she takes that thick rod super-deep.
    “Watch me blow him,” she says to us silently, just with those big eyes, looking at us as she kneels before the prong. We know what she’s saying to us next: “Jack off while I get this Nicki ready to shoot his load!”
    But first she gives him a little more fucking. And sucking.
    To which part of her lovely body does Liona finally direct his spurting spunk? Watch her hardcore XXX video and see!

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