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    Lessons in Humility
    On today’s roleplay, Charlotta learns the benefits of being chained to a tree nude and finding it necessary to pee on the ground. What benefits, you might ask, as you watch her squat with her naked thighs spread wide on the grass while the gushes of her golden liquid spray out uncontrollably upon the ground? Well, let’s just imagine that Charlotta’s character in this fetish XXX video is that of a hard-charging lady executive with little tolerance for other people’s flaws or mistakes. But getting into a situation where she is stripped and chained, and having to piss herself in the outdoors, is a way that Charlotta learns that, when she puts aside all the trappings of power and business that define her in the outside world, she is just a vulnerable human female animal, at the whim of urges that may be embarrassing to give into, but to which she has to surrender nonetheless. Perhaps after she pees on the green earth, she will have a more compassionate attitude toward others...especially those who know that sometimes to relax she likes to be treated as a SLAVE...chained and pissing on the ground like a doggie!

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