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Thread: Aika Miura, Hsu Chi, Maiko Yuki and others - Oriental Lolitas (2001-08-08) Download Images 

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    36,421 Most Erotic Teens - Aika Miura, Hsu Chi, Maiko Yuki and others - Oriental Lolitas (2001-08-08)

    Hsu Chi / Shu Qi

    Date of birth: 1976-04-16
    Country: Taiwan
    Hsu Chi, birth name Lin Li-Hui was born in Xindian District, Taipei County, Hsu Chi moved to Hong Kong at the age of 17. She began in the softcore pornography modelling industry, appearing on the cover of Penthouse for the February 1995 Hong Kong issue and the Chinese edition of Playboy.


    Aika Miura
    Aika Miura is a Japanese AV idol. She released an average of one film a month over a seven-year period—excepting 1998—before she retired in 2002.

    Maiko Yūki
    Maiko Yūki (born January 30, 1977) is a Japanese AV idol, actress, and stripper. One of the top AV idols in the mid-1990s, she was named the "AV Girl of the Year" in 1998. In 2003 Yūki was the star performer in the first Japanese strip show to perform in the People's Republic of China.ūki

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