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    215,069 OnlyBlowJob - 2014-01-03 - Leila Moon & Mugur - 721bj - 95 pix - 2000 px

    Oral Sentence
    If you’re going to be imprisoned and sentenced to the slammer for some crime, choose the country where you commit the crime carefully, as Mugur has obviously done in today’s oral sex fantasy scenario. True, the conditions of his cell are primitive, and he has to stand there naked, but on the other hand, in this unnamed country prison guards like redheaded Leila Moon walk around in outfits like a purple corset and heels. Leila tugs on his tool through the bars so that she can squat to give him some cock sucking, deepthroat, and even a little titty fuck, and although Mugur faces the next thirty years in this claustrophobic little cell, at least he can look forward to a steady menu of getting his big dick sucked! You gotta see the glass as half full instead of half empty, right?

    OBJ - 2014-01-03 - Leila Moon & Mugur - 721bj - 95 pix - 2000 px - 31.94 MB

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