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    209,077 HandsOnHardcore - 2013-12-28 - Billie Star & Choky Ice - 8494 - 130 pix - 2000 px

    Wild Therapist
    We’ve heard of many types of psychotherapy, ranging from the Freudian to the Jungian to the Adlerian to the behavioral to the cognitive, and so on and so forth; but we’re not sure what school of thought comely psychologist Billie Star adheres to in her session with Choky Ice. However, the proof is before our eyeballs, so judging by what ultimately goes on, maybe it’s the “cum in my ass, you studly patient” treatment! Or maybe it’s the “let me sit on your crotch and tease you with cleavage in my low-cut blouse” treatment. Or perhaps it’s the “I’m gonna blow you and ride your dick with my shaved pussy” treatment, with a smidgen of “I’m gonna sit on your face” treatment and “cram your dick in my butthole and lemme ride you as a cowgirl” treatment. You can decide by watching this hardcore XXX video and observing this wild girl--er, we mean, wild therapist!--in action. In any case, Dr. Billie seems to have considered the treatment successful enough that she wants Choky to come back to repeat it...and repeat it again. Maybe if more therapists were like Billie Star, folks wouldn’t be as reluctant to get help for their issues?

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