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    222,997 OnlyBlowJob - 2013-12-06 - Nilla & Sabby & Totti - 730bj - 95 pix - 2000 px

    Oral Engine
    Sabby wants to surprise his good buddy Totti with a blowjob, so he brings in his lady chum Nilla to do the honors. You see, Sabby and Nilla have a light-hearted “friends with benefits” relationship, so he figures why shouldn’t Totti, his bro through thick and thin, enjoy an occasional benefit from her, too? It’s not like Sabby is gonna marry Nilla or anything, so this surprise for Totti makes solid social sense to Sabby. But Nilla warms up her oral engine by taking Sabby’s shaft in her face first, while Totti is still sleeping. As soon as Totti awakens, though, he’s hard and ready to get sucked too. He gets with the program pretty quick. Nilla doesn’t miss a beat, applying her cock sucking and deepthroat skills on these two pals. She holds their big dicks close and moves from one to the other in these sexy blowjob pics, and gets a little pussy pleasure too when Totti plays with her twatty. Then she lays back as the guys hover above to deliver their loads onto her tongue, cream which spills out along her cheek for a final facial cumshot flourish!

    OBJ - 2013-12-06 - Nilla & Sabby & Totti - 730bj - 95 pix - 2000 px - 25.84 MB

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