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    223,048 OnlyBlowJob - 2013-10-21 - Oliviya Dis & Bruno SX - 600bj - 110 pix - 2000 px

    Going Down, Miss Dis?
    Oliviya Dis returns home to her apartment building and sees that the elevator is still out of order, and that repairman Bruno SX is still trying to fix it. In real life, she would probably express some displeasure, especially after walking up so many flights of stairs. But since this is the topsy-turvy world of porn fantasy, instead of chewing him out for being so slow at the work, Oliviya further hampers his progress (and of course further inconveniences her neighbors as well) by taking up his time to give the happily grinning Bruno a world-class blowjob on that big dick. In fact, her deepthroat skills probably burn out some of his brain cells and make the repair work even slower and perhaps even shoddy. But who cares? Let the old ladies carrying groceries walk up the stairs as long as Bruno gets some good balls licking, slurping, and saliva gushing from the hot Russian blonde, who squats on the landing for cock sucking in full view of anybody who might pass by! And donít miss the wild shots where Oliviya tries to fit his apple-sized scrotum into her mouth!

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