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    221,931 HotLegsAndFeet - 2013-10-03 - Sophie Lynx - 52417 - 125 pix - 2000 px

    Doctor's Ready To Please
    With the ever-increasing number of female doctors in the world, there is of course an increase in the number of sexual fantasies about such healers. And to satisfy this ever-growing curiosity, we present Dr. Sophie Lynx from Hungary today, to cure all your fetish hungers. The fetching physician looks dominant at first, in her white coat, blue pencil skirt, white pantyhose and blue high heels, but once she sits on the exam table, this docís clearly submissive need to cater to kinky desires quickly manifests itself. As the camera looms over her, she lifts her skirt to reveal her pantyhose crotch. Gradually undressing, she takes off her shoes and sniffs them, displays and sucks her feet in the white pantyhose, then pleases us by running her hands over her butt under the hosiery. Eventually tugging off her pantyhose, she sniffs it before sucking her red-polished toes. Yes, youíll be the master of this female sawbones as she fulfills all your desires to see her legs and feet in her fetish XXX video full of pulsating pantyhose porn. Let's make Sophie our Model of the Day.

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    Very good, charming girl!

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