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    211,644 HotLegsAndFeet - 2013-08-24 - C.J. & Sabby - 112fjh - 125 pix - 2000 px

    Wild Wench In Control
    If you have a taste for the really way-out, take a long look at this encounter today between Romanian dominatrix C.J. and her bound submissive Sabby. With her shaved head, strong muscular legs in fishnets, and black strappy high heels with criss-cross straps, C.J. looks ferocious indeed, and she has Sabby tied hand-and-foot to her bed. She has him worship her legs, suck on her heels, and then she strokes his dick between the soles of her shoes. The wild wench even sucks on HIS toes! Then she squats on his face to get eaten as an appetizer to stuffing her fishnet-clad toes into his mouth. At the same time she sucks her own toes to demonstrate exactly what she likes. Then she plays with his cock between her soles, sucking it intermittently, before she binds his boner in ropes and gets a big gusher of sperm on her ass. After he cums, she squashes his dick under her fishnet foot, getting the residue of his load on her sole, a mess which she licks up. This mistress is firmly in control of her own pervy world in this footjob spectacular.

    HLF - 2013-08-24 - C.J. & Sabby - 112fjh - 125 pix - 2000 px - 42.6 MB

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