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    216,721 OnlyBlowJob - 2013-08-16 - Baby L & Timo Hardy - 707bj - 85 pix - 2000 px

    Decorating Her Face
    That amazing Russian blonde newbie Baby L dolls herself up for a romantic encounter, wearing a fluffy and silky pink wrap over her black lace panties. She sits on an elegant couch in a brightly lit, expensive-looking room. We’re watching her do her lipstick when Timo Hardy arrives...but he doesn’t look like he’s in an intimate mood himself. Instead, it appears he simply wants to fuck her mouth, and that means getting Baby to take his huge cock very deeply into her pretty face. When he temporarily retreats his sausage, the strings of saliva drip from her gaping lips down onto her makeup mirror, which is positioned on the floor just under her pussy. Timo leans back, half naked now, and she sucks him more, then kneels as she takes off her wrap. So much for romance! Still, she puts a little more lipstick on to finish the fellatio, as Timo holds her blonde head in place to fill her gullet with his monster johnson. After some balls licking where Baby aims her green eyes right at us, POV video style, this lovely girl gets herself decorated with a big facial cumshot that makes her impishly smile. Maybe she wasn’t into the lovey-dovey stuff either, and it's all been just some kind of roleplay where a mood of love is transformed into straightahead deepthroat blowjob lust!

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