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    225,302 HotLegsAndFeet - 2013-08-15 - Alise Alanis - 50296h - 130 pix - 2000 px

    Teaser In Sandals
    Alise Alanis greets us outdoors today dressed in a long colorful gown that nonetheless shows off her size 6.5 feet in exceptionally pretty sandals. The Czech beauty poses on a wicker couch and gives us views of her pink-panty-covered pussy as well as her feet, then she undoes the cloth straps of her sandals and lets us see her smooth toes and soles. She sniffs her sandals too, looking at us with her bright blue eyes as she enjoys the aroma she obviously wishes she could share with us! Then, wiggling her French-pedicured toes, she slips a toe ring onto her right foot and then kisses and licks her tootsies. Stretching out on the couch, she gives us some leg fetish poses which highlight her long stems as well as her soles, and then she makes herself comfortable in a corner of the couch and pulls her right foot up to her mouth so that she can suck her big toe. In fact she gets several toes in her mouth, before relaxing on her tummy and letting us view the splendor of her ass and her left leg with its fetching ankle bracelet.

    HLF - 2013-08-15 - Alise Alanis - 50296h - 130 pix - 2000 px - 49.2 MB

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