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    221,931 HotLegsAndFeet - 2013-07-04 - Sophia Knight - 52315 - 120 pix - 2000 px

    She Sets Off Fireworks
    You’ll feel some real fireworks in your pants today as we give you Sophia Knight from Great Britain to tease everyone on American Independence Day! Clearly, the mother land forgives the Yanks their revolution as they send over this stunning specimen of womanhood to enliven our cocks on the holiday with her display of slinky size 6.5 feet in strappy blue high heel sandals. Sophia has navy blue polish on her toenails, which we get to see in fantastic closeups. Wearing stretchy black pants that come down to her ankles, Sophia’s peds are well-showcased, and she moves her gams around like a pinup, letting us study her soles and long toenails. Miss Knight also has appliques of little jewels applied to her big toes. Eventually Sophia takes off her duds, holding her bra with her toes, then moving her feetsies around in different positions so we can study her high arches. Let’s make this blonde beauty our Model of the Day!

    HLF - 2013-07-04 - Sophia Knight - 52315 - 120 pix - 2000 px - 190.36 MB

    the next set on HLF (solo) coming soon...

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