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    1,463,976 HotLegsAndFeet - Blue Angel - Set #50821 - 2000px - 90X (12-05-2011)

    HotLegsAndFeet - Blue Angel - Set #50821 - 2000px - 90X

    Model: Blue Angel
    Set: #50821
    Pictures: 90 hi-res pictures, 1 cover + 3 logos
    Resolution: 54 pics 1333x2000 & 36 pics 2000x1333
    Release Date: Thursday May 12, 2011

    Versatile vixen turns into pretzel!

    Blue Angel is one of our most versatile models. This Hungarian blonde always brings something special to any of the photos and HD videos she's in. Whether she's acting submissive or dominant, driving a girl or a guy crazy with her size sixes, sucking a cock or stroking it to a finish with her soles, she's a stand-out! She returns in her twelfth appearance for us, showing off her stems in unusually patterned cutaway black stockings and high heels. She's so limber she licks her own shoes, twisting herself like a pretzel! Taking off her heels, she licks her stockings and then teases us with bare tits, pussy, and shapely ass. Leaning against the wall, she shows off both her curves and her ability to do a 180-degree split while standing on one foot. The DDF cameras capture many different angles, so you have a choice about whether you want to fantasize yourself standing over Blue Angel and stroking while she puts her right ankle behind her head, or crawling on your belly across the carpet to kiss her toes and lap her pussy while she looks down at you with a steely expression. There are loads of poses here, but my personal favorite is when Blue Angel balances herself on her right knee against the wall--it looks as if she's floating! It's a wild shot and one that you can blow up and frame on your wall if you're a member of In the end, Blue Angel further shows her fetish skills by lighting up a cigarette while she looks at us with a tough, slit-eyed gaze. Leave some feedback at her pictorial on the site and let us know what you want to see her do next time!

    This picture set can also be downloaded @ rapidshare.

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    - 16,1 MB

    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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    162 Re: HotLegsAndFeet - Blue Angel - Set #50821 - 2000px - 90X (12-05-2011)

    her body lines are sensational. pretty slim but still very shapely girl with all kinds of abundance.

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