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    222,018 HandsOnHardcore - 2012-08-23 - Rachel & Ivy & Cail - 140al - 55 pix - 2000 px

    HOH - 2012-08-23 - Rachel & Ivy & Cail - 140al - 55 pix - 2000 px - 39.06 MB

    Redheaded Rachel and her boyfriend Cail have a pretty cool relationship...which her cute friend Ivy discovered when the blonde came to town on vacation and stayed for a few days in their apartment. Waking up one Sunday morning, Rachel started blowing Cail to bring him gradually to wakefulness, just as Ivy came by on her way to the bathroom. Noticing the action, Ivy hung back and tried to keep a low profile, rubbing her clit and just enjoying the show; but her BFF (best friend forever) Rachel invited her to join the scene. Soon the two of them were running their tongues on Cailís cock, until Rachel generously encouraged Ivy to do even more of the heavy lifting, so to speak! Ivy took a good long suck on her friendís guy, and then the lucky dude finally woke up to the pleasurable sight of two young ladies hovering over his rod. Rachel told her friend to climb aboard Cail for some hot fucking, while Rachel licked at her asshole. Then Rachel took her guyís prick in her mouth while Ivy and Cail played around above, Ivy kissing Cail and letting him enjoy her titties. The girls switched places after awhile, with Rachel riding the rod while Ivy kissed her passionately...then Ivy sat on Rachelís face so the redhead could savor some of that fine blonde's pussy meat. But Cail didnít stay out of the action for long, doing Ivy doggie style and then shifting his prick into Rachelís mouth from time to time. Cail fucked Ivy some more, enjoying the feeling of Ivyís unfamiliar and snug snatch; but he didnít forget with whom he was living, and when it came time to burst forth with his load, he let Rachel get it all over her face--with more than a little cream to clutter Ivyís tummy, too!

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