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    HOT - 2012-11-13 - Antonia - 523hot - 60 pix - 2000 px - 36.28 MB

    The Punishment is Pee!
    In today's kinky scenario, Antonia portrays a gal who has been getting a little too big for her britches, and it is necessary to teach her a lesson. Naked and tied to the ballet barre in a rehearsal studio, her arms, tits, thighs, and ankles secured so that she is spread and exposed in the most embarrassing disciplinary fashion, Antonia has to sit for hours and contemplate her various sins of arrogance and self-centeredness. She looks so sweet, but looks can be deceiving! Perhaps she’s let the relative advantages of her life as a beautiful woman go to her head. In any case, she learns more humility when she realizes she cannot hold her pee and our cameras are going to record her humiliating loss of control in all its liquid detail. She thought she could control herself, but finds it impossible as the stream begins to squirt out of her snatch, flowing without restrain. The gush just doesn’t stop! How humbling to feel her wetting not only the floor between her bare soles, but feeling the last trails of her gushing outpour drip down along the inside of her ass-cheeks. Knowing that this will be her fate whenever she starts acting too bitchy, Antonia makes a vow to be a better person from now she won’t have to face further shame-filled consequences!

    Also available to download it here:

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