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Thread: Sophie Lynx & Aleska Diamond - Set #522p1hot - 2000px - 115X (08-11-2012) Download Images 

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    Cool HouseOfTaboo - Sophie Lynx & Aleska Diamond - Set #522p1hot - 2000px - 115X (08-11-2012)

    HouseOfTaboo - Sophie Lynx & Aleska Diamond - Set #522p1hot - 2000px - 115X

    Models: Sophie Lynx & Aleska Diamond
    Set: #522p1hot
    Pictures: 115 hi-res pictures, 1 cover + 4 logos
    Resolution: 30 pics 1328x2000 & 85 pics 2000x1328
    Release Date: Thursday November 8, 2012

    The Sting of Discipline [Part 1]

    Aleska Diamond sees her maid Sophie Lynx goofing off, and she’s not pleased...particularly when Sophie dares to handle her whip! The saucy girl must be taught a lesson. “So you like my whip?” says Aleska, cramming the handle into Sophie’s mouth. “Maybe I’ll give you a further taste of it if you don’t perform your duties properly!” Those duties include worshipping Mistress Aleska’s feet in her strappy sandals, kissing her toes through her nylons as well as kissing the bottoms of the shoes. But Aleska suspects Sophie is not taking her duties seriously enough, running her feather duster over the domme’s in a surprise move, Aleska gets Sophie in a headlock with her ankles! That’ll teach this girl to screw around with the shoe worship. Next Aleska puts Sophie down on the floor to worship her heels in an even more humble way. Aleska presses her left foot on Sophie’s left hand while her other foot is in the maid’s face for adoration. Aleska’s shoe really makes Sophie’s hand hurt! But more punishment is coming. The mistress bends Sophie over the bed for some whipping; she lifts up Sophie’s skirt and smacks the whip's thongs across her tawny cheeks. But those damn petticoats get in the way, so Aleska has the maid remove her uniform so she can more fully feel the sting of the whip. The dominatrix also has the maid remove her panties so she can truly feel the slap of the thongs, and then she has Sophie kneel on the bed with her bottom up so that she can punish with total ease and access. Mistress Aleska, by the way, looks very fetching in her high-waisted panties, a style which suits her regal attitude as she looms over her moaning maid. What discipline comes next? Be here for Part 2!

    This picture set can also be downloaded @ rapidshare.

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