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    1,343,555 OnlyBlowJob - Lulu - Set #399bj - 2000px - 85X (05-11-2012)

    OnlyBlowJob - Lulu - Set #399bj - 2000px - 85X

    Model: Lulu
    Set: #399bj
    Pictures: 85 hi-res pictures, 1 cover + 3 logos
    Resolution: 64 pics 1328x2000 & 21 pics 2000x1328
    Release Date: Monday November 5, 2012

    Filling Her Face!

    Lulu comes upon Thomas Stone when hes on a ladder doing some filing, and soon enough shes demonstrating that there are other uses for a ladder than just to reach some high shelves! She unbuckles his belt and takes out his sizable schlong, holding it in both hands and sucking it hard, letting her tongue lathe the underside as she gives it the full Lulu treatment! Leaning her noggin against his stomach, she presses the warm throbbing shaft against her soft face. Thomas gets off the ladder and Lulu gives him her thong to sniff, which shed taken off earlier. He leans against the wall and she opens his shirt so that she can lick his nipples and then work her way down to his cock again. Squatting in front of him, she laps at his balls and runs her tongue all over his tool, holding it firmly toward her face in her beautifully manicured fingers. His meat really is gigantic next to her head, but she does her best to take him inside and soon gets a big burst of cream that overflows her mouth and drips down her chin. Will Thomas be able to get back to work right away? Judging by the amount of sperm he exploded in her sexy lips, hes probably a few brains cells short of total sharpness! Maybe he better get a cup of java before resuming his project...

    This picture set can also be downloaded @ rapidshare.

    -.Rar Archive
    - 21,6 MB

    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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    Oh ! Yes !

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