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    1,550,443 HotLegsAndFeet - Lulu - Set #6442h - 2000px - 135X (01-11-2012)

    HotLegsAndFeet - Lulu - Set #6442h - 2000px - 135X

    Model: Lulu
    Set: #6442h
    Pictures: 135 hi-res pictures, 1 cover + 3 logos
    Resolution: 63 pics 1328x2000 & 72 pics 2000x1328
    Release Date: Thursday November 1, 2012

    The Art of Sole Painting!

    Lulu gets artistic for us when she uses her bare size 6 feet for paint brushes. Sliding off her cute thong-like kitten heels, as well as giving us a few teasing glimpses of her bare crotch, Lulu then sits herself on the floor and rubs red paint on her left foot. Pressing it against a white poster board, she leaves a bright footprint. She's the Picasso of Toes! Then she sucks her right big toe awhile, before lathing the bottom of that foot with blue paint, which she then uses to make a matching blue footprint next to the red one. We detect a deep meaning in this painting, something like: “Start jerking off now, foot lovers!” Lulu slides down her shorts to display her splendid Hungarian bottom, then she bends herself backward as she shows off the paint-covered bottoms of her peds. Sitting on her bare butt, she sticks her feet in the air, shoving her colorful soles toward the camera. The paint sure dries fast, though, because even though she presses her feet on another piece of cardboard, very little impression is made. Therefore it looks like that paint might have to wiped off by a lucky slave! Sounds like a fun chore, almost like giving her a massage! Lulu licks her kitten heels while presenting her feet to us from many angles, then stands up and shows that her butt is covered with pigment too. As the scene ends, she holds the brushes toward our faces in her strong toes and smiles goodbye.

    This picture set can also be downloaded @ rapidshare.

    -.Rar Archive
    - 79,2 MB

    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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    4,223 Re: HotLegsAndFeet - Lulu - Set #6442h - 2000px - 135X (01-11-2012)

    Lulu exciting since some years !
    a lot of thanks

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