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    1,343,656 HouseOfTaboo - Clara G - Set #510hot - 2000px - 105X (23-10-2012)

    HouseOfTaboo - Clara G - Set #510hot - 2000px - 105X

    Model: Clara G
    Set: #510hot
    Pictures: 105 hi-res pictures, 1 cover + 3 logos
    Resolution: 45 pics 1328x2000 & 60 pics 2000x1328
    Release Date: Tuesday October 23, 2012

    Fisting Her Pink Garage!

    Clara G. is a very flexible lady. And this Romanian beauty also has a surprise for us, as you’ll see when she peels off her elegant black dress and panties to let us enjoy her naked 34D-23-34 body. Yes, she’s got a beautiful pair of big tits, and a ready pink pussy, but the surprise comes when she shows us what she can do with that snatch. Kneeling in the doggie mode on the bed, she reaches her hand up and crams several fingers into her greased-up hole. Then she splays her fingers so we can get a peek at the dark cavern within. Next Clara lays on her back, spreads her thighs wide, and slides her entire hand into her box. We’re talking down to the wrist, amigos, like she’s trying to recover, say, an eight ball to the pink pocket that some pool hustler shot in there. Or maybe she’s got a garage in her crotch? After watching her root her greased-up mitt around in there, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a fleet of taxis drive out. This is definitely one for the record books of erotic vaginology. Yeah, we know babies come out of pussies but somehow this seems different. After Clara recovers her hand--after two full missions of penetration--she spreads herself wide and sticky in huge closeups that will fill your computer screen. Her pussy looks like a flesh plantation, gleaming from the grease she used to lube herself for these fabulous feats of fisting. Then she does it one more time so our DDF cameras can get even more angles on her fist as it completely vanishes up her twat for an encore!

    This picture set can also be downloaded @ depositfiles & rapidshare.

    -.Rar Archive
    - 20,7 MB

    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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    good herself fist !!!

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