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    1,572,663 HouseOfTaboo - Daphnee Lecerf - Set #518p1 - 2000px - 120X (13-10-2012)

    HouseOfTaboo - Daphnee Lecerf - Set #518p1 - 2000px - 120X

    Model: Daphnee Lecerf
    Set: #518p1hot
    Pictures: 120 hi-res pictures, 1 cover + 3 logos
    Resolution: 24 pics 1328x2000 & 96 pics 2000x1328
    Release Date: Saturday October 13, 2012

    Milking Her Medical Fetish Part 1

    Today’s bizarre excursion into extreme fantasy stars Daphnee Lecerf and Mugur. Mugur plays the role of a caring boyfriend, and Daphnee Lecerf portrays his kinkiest girlfriend ever, who needs to live out her most intense fantasies. Now, ever since he went to work at DDF Genital Hospital, Mugur's been able to provide Daphnee with a free place to the bottom of a cabinet, where she can rest naked, blindfolded, wrists bound, and with a plug in her vagina. Does that seem shocking? It’s what she wants as a pervy submissive with a medical fetish! The clinical environment gets her very horny. He takes her out of the cabinet by her leash, and makes sure that she’s kept the plug inside her veeg. Good girl! Then he lays her back on the examining table, takes the red plug out of her pussy, and works his fingers into her asshole. Together they’re going to explore one of her weirdest desires tonight--for a milk enema! "Gimme the milk, Mugur, and hold the cookies, ha-ha!" as she likes to say. Mugur fills an enema syringe with milk, and then squeezes it into her rectum. The liquid doesn’t stay in there long, as Daphnee instantly starts shooting it out...spraying so far that the milk leaps several feet from her anus and splatters all over a mirror! “So this is what makes you happy?” says Mugur. “Then I am happy to give it to you!” And he turns her over into the doggie position to fill her up with more milk, which she then blasts in an even more intense spray all over the mirror. Mugur watches closely as the milk rockets out of her rosebud into the air. What a girl she is! I sure know how to meet the wild ones, he thinks to himself...

    This picture set can also be downloaded @ depositfiles & rapidshare.

    -.Rar Archive
    - 28,9 MB

    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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    4,223 Re: HouseOfTaboo - Daphnee Lecerf - Set #518p1 - 2000px - 120X (13-10-2012)

    nice part 1 of milkfall !!!

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