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    1,549,797 DDFBusty - Maserati - Set #8329 - 2000px - 140X (10-10-2012)

    DDFBusty - Maserati - Set #8329 - 2000px - 140X

    Model: Maserati
    Set: #8329
    Pictures: 140 hi-res pictures, 1 cover + 3 logos
    Resolution: 57 pics 1328x2000 & 83 pics 2000x1328
    Release Date: Wednesday October 10, 2012

    Busty Benefits of Crime!

    Maserati and her 36H glands are trying to get a good night’s sleep when suddenly burglar Ian Scott (disguised by a black stocking over his face) slips into her bedroom and starts going through her jewels. Maserati fortunately wakes up in time, and realizes that she has a built-in defensive weapon in her rack! She takes her heavy hooters out of her lacy industrial strength boulder-holder and stuns Ian by coming up from behind and smacking her jugs across his noggin. He slumps onto the bed, and after chewing him out and giving him the finger, she realizes that he might have some other uses. Lifting up the nylon stocking from his face, she feeds him her pussy, then turns around so she can suck his dick and tit-fuck him at the same time, smushing her colossal knobs against his mid-section. Hey, maybe crime DOES pay! Maserati squats over his prick and rides it in the cowgirl mode, leaning over to feed her mams into Ian’s face. Then he fucks her spoon-style while fondling her floppers from behind. We observe those enormous bells as they lay against the sheets while she’s being roundly plowed. Crouching on her knees, she takes it doggie style and her knockers sway and swing under the penile thrusts of the intruder. Maserati closes her eyes and licks her lips in pleasure as her tits jiggle below with each jab of his johnson in her juicy ditch. Turning around, Maserati gives him some more of that hot tit-fucking she’s known for, sucks him and then rides his prick before stretching across the bed again to be banged by Ian from above. Her tits look like fantastic planets as they sway across her torso, and Ian’s huge cock looks almost lost between her even-more-humongous cleavage! But finally he sprays a big load into the trough between her tits and all the way up to her face. As he slips out of her bedroom with a piece of bling, she drifts back to sleep with cum all over her boobs and chin.

    This picture set can also be downloaded @ depositfiles & rapidshare.

    -.Rar Archive
    - 38,2 MB

    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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    4,223 Re: DDFBusty - Maserati - Set #8329 - 2000px - 140X (10-10-2012)

    exciting sensual eyes !!!

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