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    1,554,405 HotLegsAndFeet - Mia Melone - Set #182fj - 2000px - 95X (06-10-2012)

    HotLegsAndFeet - Mia Melone - Set #182fj - 2000px - 95X

    Model: Mia Melone
    Set: 182fj
    Pictures: 95 hi-res pictures, 1 cover + 3 logos
    Resolution: 40 pics 1333x2000 & 55 pics 2000x1333
    Release Date: Saturday October 6, 2012

    Get Messy On My Feet!

    Mea Melone shows off her outstanding stems in our featured spotlight this week as she gives a stocking-clad footjob to Neeo. Starting out in a pink and black lace teddy with faux-garter-style white pantyhose, she is joined by Neeo who admires her legs from the git-go. She directs him to kiss her high heels and her calves, then after he takes off one of her shoes, she licks the heel herself while Neeo crams her left foot into his mouth. Next she sits on the edge of the couch and has him worship both her feet while she supervises from above. We see her toes curled under the white nylon, and her smooth soles as well. She takes out Neeo’s cock and clamps it between her soles. We can see her pink-polished toes peeking out through the nylon as her peds rub against his imposing meat. Mea stands over Neeo and tramples his dick with her sole, then feeds him her tits and has him lick her ass cheeks. Sitting back on the top of the couch again, she continues footjobbing him, with our DDF cameraman capturing images of the enormous tool in the foreground between Mea’s peds. You’ll see her arches from many different angles as she works her feet around his meat, then stuffs her toes back into Neeo’s mouth. She lays him down on the couch and has him worship her feet from below, even as she rubs his shaft with one sole. Then in some of the most startling shots of the scene, she lays down on the carpet and jacks his johnson from below, with her toes and his rod always in the foreground. Is she taunting us with the size of his dick?? "Cuckold fantasy" fans will know the answer to that!! Neeo plays with her ass awhile, then finally spurts his load all over the soles of her stockings, making quite a mess. Then Mea spreads her bottom toward us, and presents her gooey stocking feet at the same time.

    This picture set can also be downloaded @ rapidgator & rapidshare.

    -.Rar Archive
    - 28,5 MB

    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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    4,223 Re: HotLegsAndFeet - Mia Melone - Set #182fj - 2000px - 95X (06-10-2012)

    best thx for the foot scene

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    117 Re: HotLegsAndFeet - Mia Melone - Set #182fj - 2000px - 95X (06-10-2012)

    Neeo, his cock, shoes & feet are all fucking hot!!!!

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