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Thread: Timea Bela & Leila Smith - Set #8317 - 2000px - 140X (27-09-2012) Download Images 

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    1,551,375 HandsOnHardcore - Timea Bela & Leila Smith - Set #8317 - 2000px - 140X (27-09-2012)

    HandsOnHardcore - Timea Bela & Leila Smith - Set #8317 - 2000px - 140X

    Models: Timea Bela & Leila Smith
    Set: #8317
    Pictures: 140 hi-res pictures, 1 cover + 4 logos
    Resolution: 43 pics 1328x2000 & 97 pics 2000x1328
    Release Date: Thursday September 27, 2012

    The Center of Attention!

    Talk about hot and sweaty! Timea Bela becomes the plaything of Leila Smith and Choky Ice in the sauna! Once they see the black-haired cutie enter, they know they’re going to have some kinky fun. First everything seems quiet as they relax in the heat, but then Choky takes out his prick and Timea strokes and sucks it. She sure does look good with that huge shaft filling up her face...meanwhile, Leila starts playing with Timea’s pussy through her bikini bottom, which leads to a daisy chain as Choky licks Timea while Timea eats Leila. Miss Smith then stands up so that Timea can worship her butt, while at the same time Timea rides on top of Choky’s rod. Timea seems to have a particular liking for Leila’s pussy lips, which she tugs at with her mouth. Then it’s back to daisy chain style as Timea blows Choky some more, which Leila eats Timea from behind. Choky joins Leila at Timea’s crotch, licking her pussy while Leila shifts to Miss Bela’s bunghole. Choky then does Timea doggie style, before shifting her over to cowgirl mode so that Timea can lick Leila’s boobies. Busy Timea always seems to be the center of attention! Her slick shiny butt rests over Leila’s face as the redhead tugs on her pussy lips, then the two girls kiss as Timea rides Choky’s cock cowgirl style some more. But no position lasts forever, and soon enough Timea lays back on the bench so that Leila can sit on her face while Choky bangs the Bela box. Then for the finale, Timea kneels between Choky and Leila and her face moves back and forth between their crotches until finally Choky blasts his cream all over Timea’s face, chest, and even as far as onto Leila’s tummy. And Timea licks it all up like a good little plaything!

    This picture set can also be downloaded @ rapidgator & rapidshare.

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    - 40,1 MB

    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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    4,223 Re: HandsOnHardcore - Timea Bela & Leila Smith - Set #8317 - 2000px - 140X (27-09-2012)

    first class threesome orgy

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