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    Pamela Anderson

    Date of Birth
    1 July 1967, Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada

    5' 7" (1.70 m)

    Mini Biography
    A native of Canada, Pamela Denise Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia and later moved to the city of Vancouver. It was while she was attending a British Columbia Lions football game that Anderson was "discovered" in a most unusual way. Dressed in a Labatt's Beer T-shirt, her image was transmitted on the stadium's widescreen. The fans cheered the beautiful girl, and she was brought down to the 50-yard line and introduced to the appreciative crowd. As a result, she was signed to a commercial contract with Labatt's and became the company's Blue Zone girl. The campaign was so popular that other commercials and advertising assignments for Anderson soon followed. Due to the recognition from these commercials, she was soon approached to do her first cover for Playboy Magazine. Pamela has since gone on to grace the cover again an astounding five times, more than any other woman in the magazine's history.

    With the success and recognition she garnered from Playboy, Anderson soon moved to Los Angeles, California where she spent two seasons in the top-ten ABC-TV situation comedy "Home Improvement" (1991), as Lisa, the Tool Time Girl. It was on "Home Improvement" that she captured the attention and affection of viewing audiences, nationwide. At the same time, Anderson was cast as C.J. Parker on the internationally successful series "Baywatch" (1989), but because of the impossible scheduling requirements of working on two series, she eventually left "Home Improvement" and remained full-time on "Baywatch". She now stars on one of the most phenomenally popular television programs of all time, which is seen in 140 countries, worldwide. Recently, Anderson made the transition into the feature film arena, starring in Dark Horse Entertainment's action comedy Barb Wire (1996). In addition, Anderson was featured in the CBS movie-of-the-week Come Die with Me: A Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Mystery (1994) (TV), a hip and updated Mike Hammer mystery, co-starring Rob Estes.

    Pamela was married to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, and they had two children, Brandon and Dylan. However, the couple divorced in early 1998. Both have had a rocky relationship in the past and continued to date on and off, but then headed to court over custody of their two sons. Meanwhile, she starred in and produced her television series "V.I.P." (1998), which ran for four seasons until 2002. During the spring of 2001, she dated singer Kid Rock, but they broke up in the fall of 2003. Eventually, she reunited with ex-husband Tommy Lee after she found out she was diagnosed with hepatitis C, which she contracted when they shared the same needle for their tattoo. By the fall of 2003, the new network Spike-TV launched her latest action series, a cartoon, developed by Stan Lee, called "Stripperella" (2003). She is an active participant in various organizations, including PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and dedicates her time by taking part in religious practices with children from around the world.

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      very big and hot
      it is sillicon age

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      scary movie 3 wasn't as good as the first 2 ... but thanks for the pix pamela is pretty hot at her age :p

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      that´s right but her scene was great ;-D

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      Quote Originally Posted by SpeedDemon
      Have you heard the latest news bout Pammie?

      She wants to live a celibate live and focus all her energy on raising her kids.....can you imagine her not having sex anymore????
      yes i can, o and thanks for pics

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      she is hot slut!!!!

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      thanks, she's still gorgeous.

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      always a pleasure to see pamela

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      Thanks alot for the update , I still love Pam

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      those large pictures are awesome, pam is my all time favorite...i wonder how that is :p. has she any appearances in a show/movie lately?

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      STUFF 01-2005

      here's another spread...

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      still hot!!

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      yep indeed still is.

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      what a gorgeous body, i mean she's not the youngest anymore and still such a hottie

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      that's actually a very cropped pic...

      here's a bigger one...2100x2767

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      Vanity Fair 01-2005

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