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    5 Aug 2006
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    [EverythingButt] Bobbi Starr - 47x

    Actual title: Bobbi Starr becomes a Honeycomb Honey by fucking her own ass For her Anal Audition! (It was just to long for the title post!)

    There's an exclusive new club called The Honeycomb Honeys that everyone's dying to be a part of. But in order to join this club, you have to be willing to push your backdoor boundaries and expand your anal horizons. After all, not just anybody can fit a 9-inch long, 3-inch wide honeycomb-shaped butt plug up her own ass. Always up for a new adventure, Bobbi Starr is the second one to audition for the club. An experienced anal-play enthusiast, Bobbi makes sure to gradually stretch her butt by inserting increasingly larger dildos before attempting the grand finale -- the honeycomb itself. Even for a size-queen like Bobbi, the massive honeycomb is no easy feat...

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