In the final part of this video the stubborn submissive Angel experiences the intense torment of 'The Creature'. She screams helplessly as JG-Leathers watches her face through her full-face gas mask. She is suspended from overhead in a overwhelming body harness. Her full breasts are sucked and stimulated while an intrusive 'Inhibitor Bar' invades her pussy with intense shocks and vibrations. Her hands are encased in heavy rubber mitts and her wrists are shackled behind her back. Her ankles are pulled to the sides of the room with springs which allow her to kick and struggle to no avail. She is truly at the mercy of this fiendish inventor and his bizarre Creature rig.
As Angel grows weary of screaming and struggling against her bonds she is lowered to the floor and chained to more anchor points. After reconnecting her to the suction and stimulation system, she is left lying on the floor for the night, still unable to resist the relentless assault of the Creature. Angel's will is eventually broken, in time for her Mistress to collect her limp body the following morning. Once again JG-Leathers has delivered on his ability to break even the most unruly of slaves.

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