We invited the 'Strap Wizard' (Fetlife) to show us some of the medical braces he owns and talk about their names and attributes. There were five of us in all; Elise Graves, Petgirl Kako, Tony Orlando, Strap Wizard and myself. One thing led to another and before we knew it all of us were in medical braces including Tony Orlando who was also in leg braces and handcuffed into a wheelchair. Chaos ensued when the girls conducted a tickle test on Tony and Elise gave him an oral exam. (Elise has a fetish for dentistry) I guess this is what happens when you put five kinksters in a room full of fetish gear. As you will see, everyone had a good time and we all have better posture as a result of our brace experiences. A special thanks to the Strap Wizard for sharing his gear with us, and to Tony Orlando for being such a good sport.

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