Amanda picked him up from his hotel in a moving truck where he was strapped into a special prisoner transport chair anchored inside the truck. As a side note, the prisoner transport chair was one of two chairs in the back of the truck which were both used in the 1997 Nicolas Cage movie titled 'Con Air'. Is that cool or what? Once Paulette was secured and blindfolded, he was transported to the Medical Toys facility where Amanda and her assistants bound him in a special medical wheelchair and rolled him into the back warehouse and into a waiting jail cell. This was only the start to his multiple day adventure which spanned many different bondage, feminizing and tormenting experiences. Since this was filmed in late December, everyone had to bundle up, including the cameraman who was me. We all had a great time and Paulette's fantasies were more than fulfilled, not to mention the other applicant who you will see in future videos. Between the two applicants this adventure spanned over ten days and required six people to facilitate. Unbelievable.

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