Cast: Caroline Ardolino
Genres: Solo, Posing, Speculum, Gaping, Close Ups, Toys
Video language: English

Even though they are as light as air, words have weight. Words can cut, can inspire, can hurt, can repel and can arouse. Take the word "vagina" for instance. Most of my friends (those few I have discussed this with) think "eww... that's medical, that's technical, that's perhaps even offensive". On her TV show, Oprah called it her "Vah-jay-jay", and by using this childish name, made it less "scary" to her.

Well, as fans of PJGirls, the word "vagina" has a different weight. We like the word, because that word defines what we know we are looking for (and at) in a woman. So when I say that "Caroline Ardulino starts this video naked, sitting on a couch, with her legs spread open in an 'M' shape", most guys (and of course some women) will be interested. But when I add "...and her vagina is already stretched open with a clear plastic speculum", our ears perk up (and some other part of our bodies perk up, too :-) Because for us, an open vagina is not medical or technical or gross or offensive... it is fantastic, and beautiful, and arousing.

And that's how we start this video, with a clear an unobstructed view into a beautiful woman's wide open vagina, stretched open so we can clearly see her cervix at the bottom, even from far away. And she looks at us with heavy-lidded sultry eyes as she caresses her breasts and begins to massage her clit. Not bad for the first 12 seconds of a video that goes on for another 10 minutes!

The camera walks in closer, the lighting gets better, and now her wet shiny insides are clearly illuminated. The camera walks back again as Caroline powers up the pink vibrator and stimulates her nipples and then her clitoris once more, as we zoom in for what we know will soon result in the pulsating and spasmodic contractions of her slick vaginal muscles. Softly moaning with pleasure, every few seconds her legs tense as she wants to close her thighs, but knowing what we want to see she keeps them open, and we can see just how expanded her vagina is at the end of the speculum, its bills leaving ample breathing space around her prominent cervix.

Her hands start to quiver as she switches the vibrator's speed, and her moans come faster. A flush of pleasure starts to rise on her neck, and we see her moist cervix begin to move as her sexual arousal quickens. Caroline's eyes close tightly as the camera zooms in, and we can see her strong vaginal muscles rippling, and can only imagine how nice it would feel if we can fingers or a penis inside her now. She keeps her hand on the speculum so that it always ponts at us, as the slow waves of an orgasm washes over her, her feet lifting off the couch, in a picture of ultimate vulnerability, vagina wide open for view while lost in pleasure. When she finally withdraws the speculum, it literally drips with her vaginal juices.

But of course, one orgasm is not enough for her (or us) so she replaces the speculum (sideways this time) for a second bout, this time 100% in closeup, so we can watch the waves of muscle contractions from the front to the back of her vagina. Sometimes they relax (and she opens up even more) but mostly they contract hard, and we can see the bills of the speculum straining against their superior strength.

Yes, words have weight, but "vagina" is a word doesn't weigh us down. It is a word that we can hear and speak unflinchingly!

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