Cast: Eveline Dellai, Silvia Dellai
Genres: Twins, Posing, Gaping, Close Ups
Video language: English

Well now, really. What can I say. Eveline Dellai is a gorgeous woman with a winning smile and a big stretchable pussy. Her sister Silvia is equally gorgous (they're twins!) with a loose rubbery cunt. Both of them are happy being naked, both of them love to show what they have, and, well... what more could we ask? Two gorgeous, fully naked woman doing synchronized spreading, so we get to engage in an intimate "comparative anatomy class".

Usually, that kind of class compares fish with monotremes, marsupials and and other mammals, cetaceans with pinnipeds, flora with fauna. We don't usually compare the intimate parts of two utter foxes. In other words, twin girls means twin faces, twin bodies. And yes, since this is PJGirls twins mean we want to know everything that is the same and everything that is different (so it is also twin tits, twin pussies (the girls call it their "flower"), twin gapes, twin stretched cunts, twin omanko, one girls for each eye :-). And these girls deliver! Just imagine the only thing that could be better is if you were there between them...

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Duration: 16:14
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